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Default input bindings

The default input bindings in the PlotController are:

Action Gesture
Pan* Right mouse button
Zoom* Mouse wheel
Zoom by rectangle* Ctrl+Right mouse button, Middle mouse button
Reset* Ctrl+Right mouse button double-click, Middle mouse button double-click
Show ‘tracker’ Left mouse button
Reset axes ‘A’, Home
Copy code Ctrl+Alt+C
Copy properties Ctrl+Alt+R

* You can zoom/pan/reset a single axis by positioning the mouse cursor over the axis before starting the zoom/pan.

Customizing the bindings

Create a new PlotController:

var myController = new PlotController();

Set the controller in the PlotView control

plotView.Controller = myController;

Bind an input gesture to a command

myController.BindMouseDown(OxyMouseButton.Left, PlotCommands.Pan);

Unbind an input gesture


Unbind all commands

  • Creating new commands
  • Creating new manipulators