Creating PDF filesΒΆ

The OxyPlot core library contains a class PortableDocument that can be used to create PDF files:

var doc = new PortableDocument();
doc.Title = "Hello world";
doc.Author = "objo";
doc.SetFont("Arial", 96);
doc.DrawText(50, 400, "Hello world!");

Note that the coordinate system origin is at the bottom left corner of the page and the unit is point (1/72 inch).

The PortableDocument class supports

  • document properties (title, author, subject etc.)
  • multiple pages (specify size and orientation)
  • text drawing
  • Type 1 fonts (Helvetica, Roman, Courier) in WinAnsi encoding
  • text size measuring
  • circles
  • ellipses
  • lines
  • polygons
  • rectangles
  • images
  • clipping rectangle
  • transforms
  • transparency

More examples can be found in the unit tests in Source\OxyPlot.Tests\Pdf\PortableDocumentTests.cs