Performance guidelines


This section is under construction. Please contribute!

Data binding

How you add data to your model is important for the performance. For series based on the DataPointSeries you have the following options, from fast to slow:

  1. Add instances based on IDataPoint directly to the Points collection
  2. Set ItemsSource to a collection of IDataPoints
  3. Set ItemsSource and use the Mapping delegate
  4. Set ItemsSource and use the data field properties (this uses reflection - slow!)


The following style properties are important for the performance of the rendering:

  • Solid lines are much faster than dashed/dotted lines
  • Grid lines are slow to draw (be careful not creating too many of them)
  • Unfilled markers (Plus, Cross, Star) are faster than the filled markers (Circle, Square, Diamond, Triangle)
  • Square markers are faster than circles