Export to SVG


This section is under construction. Please contribute!

The plots can be exported to SVG by the SvgExporter in the OxyPlot core library.

using (var stream = File.Create(fileName))
    var exporter = new SvgExporter { Width = 600, Height = 400 };
    exporter.Export(plotModel, stream);
  • width/height units
  • document svg option

Note that SVG can be exported to a standalone document (.svg file) or a HTML5 <svg\> element.

Text measuring

The SVG output requires an ITextMeasurer to measure string sizes (rendered width and height). If a text measurer is not specified, the text measurer of the PdfRenderContext will be used, which supports simple Type-1 fonts only (Helvetica/Arial, Roman, Courier) limited to WinAnsi encoding. To get better text measurements, use one of the render contexts from the platform specific libraries.