Export to PDF


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You have two options when you want to export your plots to PDF. You can use the OxyPlot.PdfExporter that is included in the portable OxyPlot core library, or the OxyPlot.Pdf.PdfExporter included in the OxyPlot.Pdf library. The latter depends on PdfSharp/SilverPdf and is not portable.

OxyPlot Pdf writer

  • Simple PDF export is included in the OxyPlot core library
  • There are limitations on text encoding, fonts and images
using (var stream = File.Create(fileName))
    var pdfExporter = new PdfExporter { Width = 600, Height = 400 };
    pdfExporter.Export(plotModel, stream);

See also the section Creating PDF files about the underlying Pdf writer.


  • based on the PdfSharp/SilverPdf open-source projects
  • better handling of fonts and images