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OxyPlot contains the following axis types:

LinearAxis Represents a numerical axis with a linear scale. LogarithmicAxis Represents a numerical axis with a logarithmic scale. DateTimeAxis Represents a date/time axis based on DateTime values. TimeSpanAxis Represents a time axis based on TimeSpan values. CategoryAxis Represents an axis that displays categories (typically used for bar/column series). LinearColorAxis Represents an axis that displays a linear color scale. RangeColorAxis Represents an axis that displays a colors for specified ranges. MagnitudeAxis Represents the radial axis in polar plots AngleAxis Represents the angular axis in polar plots


The most important propert of the axis is the Position. This property determines where the axis is drawn. A standard XY plot requires a horizontal axis (bottom or top position) and a vertical axis (left or right position).


The title is shown next to the axis.

About position and rotation of titles.

About Unit


These properties defines the minimum and maximum values on the axis. If any of them are not specified, they will be calculated from the data. In that case, a “padding” value will be included to make sure there is some whitespace outisde the extreme values.

Major/minor intervals

The major intervals define the steps between the numeric labels on the axis. The minor intervals define the sub-division between the labels.

Major and minor ticks may be drawn at each interval. The style can be defined (inside, outside, crossing or none)

Grid lines can also be drawn at each interval. These will be drawn across the whole plot area. The style can be defined by color, thickness and line style.


The start and end position properties are used to define the relative position of the axis. The default values [0,1] will fill the available plot area.

To reverse the direction of an axis, set StartPosition = 1 and EndPosition = 0

Axis keys

How to use AxisKey

Adding axes in XAML

<oxy:Plot Title="Linear axes">
        <oxy:LinearAxis Position="Bottom" Minimum="-20" Maximum="80" />
        <oxy:LinearAxis Position="Left" Minimum="-10" Maximum="10" />

Adding axes to a PlotModel

var model = new PlotModel();
model.Axes.Add(new LinearAxis(AxisPosition.Bottom, -20, 80));
model.Axes.Add(new LinearAxis(AxisPosition.Left, -10, 10));

If no axes are defined, linear axes will be added to the bottom and left.