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The position of the axes is defined by the Position property.


The visibility of the series can be controlled by the IsVisible property. The default value is true. If set to false, the series will not be rendered.


The Title property defines the title to show in the plot Legend. The default value is null (not shown in legend).


If the Background property is set to a color, the area defined by the X and Y axes will be filled with the specified color. The default value is Undefined (not showing a background).


The TrackerFormatString property is used to format the string shown in the Tracker. The arguments that can be used for the format string is documented for each series.

If an item was hit, it is also possible to use the extended format string syntax, e.g. {PropertyX:0.##}, where the value of PropertyX will be found by reflection of the item.

See MSDN for more information about format strings.