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A AreaSeries shows an area between two sets of points, or between a set of point and a baseline.



The TrackerFormatString property is used to format the string shown in the tracker. The format string may use the following arguments:

  • {0} the title of the series
  • {1} the title of the x-axis
  • {2} the x-value
  • {3} the title of the y-axis
  • {4} the y-value
  • {PropertyX} the value of PropertyX in the item (extended format string syntax)

To show the x and y values with one digit, use the format string "{2:0.0},{4:0.0}".

If an item was hit, it is also possible to use the extended format string syntax, e.g. {PropertyX:0.##}, where the value of PropertyX will be found by reflection of the item.

The default format string for AreaSeries is "{0}\n{1}: {2}\n{3}: {4}"

See MSDN for more information about format strings.

The TrackerKey property may be used to specify a custom tracker. This makes it possible to use different trackers for each series.


var model = new PlotModel { Title = "AreaSeries" };
var areaSeries = new AreaSeries());